Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

It's like North Korea; The Game. I really like how all of your answers get woven into a biography about "you".

Clever idea.

A little limited in scope. Do you think you could add guns or particle effects?

Cool game! I dated my own sister haha

I swear these fucking ads are getting bigger. (the game was awesome btw :P)

Our subject is Seok Yi, a 23 year old born in Japan. He says he follows no religion, which is suspicious and unlikely. During The Incident, Seok Yi was in Russia playing video games. He is closest to his sister.

We learned a lot about Clara Yi, Seok's sister and member of radical Buddhist group 'Four Truths': she is 25, is an actor, never told her family of her location, converted to Buddhism just for fun, and ran away from home 10 years ago.

Seok Yi admitted to killing 11+ people. Seok Yi claims he lost 11+ family members during The Incident.

Based on our interrogation, we determined that Seok Yi was recruited by his sister Clara into Buddhist terrorist group 'Four Truths' to carry out killings in The Incident.

Punishment: Indefinite detention.

A very fun game if your bored and want to create a dynamic story based on your answers.