Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

Our subject is Maya Singh, a 22 year old chemist born in Italy. During The Incident, Maya Singh was in Japan playing video games. She is closest to her sister.

We learned a lot about Clara Singh, Maya's sister and member of radical Buddhist group 'Four Truths': she is 37, is an exobiologist, is in Canada, ran away from home Last month, and is in a relationship with Jin Kim - which we can use to get to her. A team has been sent to pick Jin up for interrogation.

Maya Singh admitted to killing a single person.

Based on our interrogation, we determined that Maya Singh was recruited by her sister Clara into Buddhist terrorist group 'Four Truths' to carry out killings in The Incident.

Punishment: Indefinite detention.

There often isn't enough room so the report awkwardly cuts off in a lot of instances. There could also be a lot more questions, and the whole fleeing earth to go to mars thing is kind of ridiculous in the context given.

BrandLibel responds:

Hi, thanks for the review. When it gets cut off, you can mouse over the report and scroll down using your scroll wheel to see the rest of the report.

Hard to recall everything in few seconds. This is quite a challenge.
BTW, Why use Buddhism, a real world religion as an "unacceptable" religion? Why can't you just come up with fictional religion and avoid offending real-life Buddhist or people of any religions? (Cost you a star)

BrandLibel responds:

I did think of that, and I came to the conclusion that using made up religions would really undermine the weirdness and the humor of the game. I chose Buddhism for a reason, and I never meant to offend any of the religions used in the game.

This game is so stressful!!! I do agree that if you like memorising, this game is a good choice. But it gets boring very soon. Good concept though!

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