Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

I swear these fucking ads are getting bigger. (the game was awesome btw :P)

Cool game! I dated my own sister haha

Hector Salamanca is probably the best boyfriend a person can have. If you're into old men, that is.

Our subject is Robert Dixon, a 35 year old architect born in The United Kingdom. He says he follows no religion, which is suspicious and unlikely. During The Incident, Robert Dixon was in The Philippines taking a vacation.

We learned a lot about Clara Dixon, Robert's sister and member of radical Buddhist group 'Four Truths': she is 19, is an astronomer, was phoned by our subject last night, converted to Buddhism for a loved one, ran away from home Before The Incident, and is in a relationship with Julia Reyes - which we can use to get to her. A team has been sent to pick Julia up for interrogation.

Robert Dixon claims he did not kill anyone, but claims he has no memory of 7AM - 3PM that day. Robert Dixon claims he lost 2 family members during The Incident.

Based on our interrogation, we determined that Robert Dixon was recruited by his sister Clara into Buddhist terrorist group 'Four Truths' but became possessed by telepathic aliens and had his memory wiped before being usedfor more sinister purposes in The Incident.

Punishment: Indefinite detention.

That could be true :|

My sister was boning Hector Salamanca? :o
Decent game, but too repetitive.