Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

Our subject is Carolyn Turner, a 21 year old exobiologist born in The United Kingdom. She admits following Buddhism, a dangerous Heathen belief. During The Incident, Carolyn Turner was in The United Kingdom playing video games when she saw computer glitches. She claims she is closest to her mother.

We learned a lot about Clara Turner, Carolyn's sister and member of radical Buddhist group 'Four Truths': she is 19, is a computer hardware engineer, never told her family of her location, converted to Buddhism for protection, ran away from home 6 years ago, and is in a relationship with Mei Ueda - which we can use to get to her. A team has been sent to pick Mei up for interrogation.

Carolyn Turner claims she did not kill anyone, and says she remembers everything that day. Carolyn Turner claims she lost 1 family member during The Incident.

Based on our interrogation, we determined that Carolyn Turner was recruited by her sister Clara into Buddhist terrorist group 'Four Truths' but became possessed by telepathic aliens and had her memory wiped before being usedfor more sinister purposes in The Incident.

Punishment: Indefinite detention.

Buddhism terrorist group and telepathic aliens first try....WTF

awesome game!! :D I loved it! This was funny tho I got "Danny James admitted to killing 11+ people. Based on our investigation he was probably involved in the incident" XD

Bhuddist Terrorist group...so...we like...drop literature from the sky or something?

lol hector salmanaca. age 22 using the the bathroom during the incedint. valuble kept in bathroom cabnet

Good game and very unique although it would be nice to know how to scroll down through the report at the end.