Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

There often isn't enough room so the report awkwardly cuts off in a lot of instances. There could also be a lot more questions, and the whole fleeing earth to go to mars thing is kind of ridiculous in the context given.

BrandLibel responds:

Hi, thanks for the review. When it gets cut off, you can mouse over the report and scroll down using your scroll wheel to see the rest of the report.


pretty interesting

I Played it on Android.

I cant play it here,the add banner never ends.

Alright, this is really weird. I was able to get the medal for visiting the original website. I could only see half the screen in this. I tried reloading, but nothing worked. I tried scrolling around, but that didn't help either. It seems like a bland game from what I could see.

I at least like how it's different. I just could literally not play it. I'm glad other people liked it. It's just a glitch on my laptop. At least I got SOME medal.

BrandLibel responds:

Hey, that is a weird issue. What browser version are you using?