Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

love it. deserves to be top ten.

Simple but really interesting concept! The end report cuts off with no way to scroll if it gets too long, but other than that great work!

BrandLibel responds:

Hi, I appreciate the review. I know I didn't design it well, but if you just mouse over the end report and scroll, it will work and you can see the rest of the report.

This game is addicting i will say it gets easier each time but still very fun no complaints or quirks for me 5/5


I love this game, it actually feels like something from 1984...

The copy-and-pastable reports at the end are quite fun. I think you ought to use different name lists for the "significant others" and the player-character, otherwise you get this sort of fun :-)

"Our subject is Alfonso Rodriguez, a 16 year old exobiologist born in Brazil. He follows Christianity, an approved religious belief. During The Incident, Alfonso Rodriguez was in Russia. He is closest to his sister.

We learned a lot about Clara Rodriguez, Alfonso's sister and member of radical Buddhist group 'Four Truths': she is 16, is an astronomer, never told her family of her location, converted to Buddhism for political reasons, ran away from home 2 days ago, and is in a relationship with Alfonso Rodriguez - which we can use to get to her. A team has been sent to pick Alfonso up for interrogation."

He really was closest to his sister ;)