Reviews for "Barriers"

Nice game but characters slide too much with a single tap making some platforming harder then it should on one of the levels (i think the last one) has a puzzle where you have to jump onto platforms being controlled by the boy. In this level i had at least 3 times i jumped off page or just had a jump and got to the top. I like the concept but could of been executed better.

I really like this game, It's cute but it can be improved quite a lot in graphics.
It's nice that you can play single player or with a friend, I played this with my brother, my character was the girl <3

Anyway, here are a few suggestions:
As I said (and it's actually the only negative aspect of this game, at least for me) graphics could be improved. This is just my personal taste, but I don't really like the black bars and white background. However, I understand you might be trying to achieve the simplistic look.
In that case, here's a few things that could make it look better:

-Create some kind of consistency in sizes... I'm not sure what words I should use here, but what I mean is: The levels could be designed in some kind of invisible "block pattern"
Example: all walls could be made of blocks with the perfect size of 20 pixels by 20 pixels
(so a long wall could be 20x80 pixels, as long as you use the basic 20x20 pattern)
... and white spaces would use the same size pattern. of course the white spaces need to be bigger, in that case you would use the size of 40x40 pixels or 80x80 pixels... Basically, you could use these sizes with consistency, to avoid having floors with slightly different thickness, or badly placed... (Think about the kind of size consistency you see in Minecraft. every block, wall, floor and ceiling fits perfectly, nothing is out of place)

Here's a good example: In the first level, the ceiling on top of the male character doesn't really fit with the wall (the ceiling is 1 or 2 pixels above the wall) And the girl character room is slightly larger that the male character room, and there's no need for that... These are just small details, but I see these everywhere and they make the game look unfinished.

Overall, I really like this game. These are just my opinions (I think the game fails in graphics, but other than that, it's a really good game, I'd give it a 5 but I can't ignore the graphics. The only thing I like in these graphics, is the characters, even though they are so simple)

I hope you make new one with more pleasant graphics (Just a suggestion, 8Bit style graphics could work very well this this game, but it's really up to you... Maybe hand-drawn style, or paintings could work very well too)

Good luck ;)

FSt-Germain responds:

Thanks for the feedback :). I really like your ideas for improving art and I will remember them when I create a new game. Maybe even if I make a new update. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Like the game mechanics. Visuals & track are a bit plainn though.

As first published games go, this is pretty solid.

-You've got a pretty good grasp of level design, which is pretty auspicious - that's probably the toughest thing about game creation to pick up, as compared to visual design and programming which just come with practice.
-More specifically: while the whole "moving two players at once with separate controls" concept has been done plenty of times, you use it well here. There's definitely a lot of memory and strategy involved in figuring this out, and while you throw a lot of levers and buttons at us, it feels like there's definite thought behind it rather than forcing us to just use trial and error. There's also a good escalation of difficulty here - in addition to the laser walls, which are generally pretty well utilized, I really appreciated the addition of the crossed-switches, which added a nice level of timing and synchronization without overdoing it. If you wanted to push this concept in the future, you could consider adding a few more elements (for example, boxes to hold down buttons, limited duration switches, etc.), but it's certainly not lacking as it is.
-Your music is cute- I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's really growing on me.
-Your movement (aside from a couple of minor, non-game-breaking issues I've noted below) is nice and smooth, with responsive controls and a good movement and jump speed, and I'm not noticing any lag. Possibly a little bit slippery (I have careened into a few more lasers than I'd care to), but not beyond the bounds of acceptability.

Needs Improvement:
-No mute button that I can find.
-Could use a bit more in the way of graphical interest. I don't need anything stunning - I'll play an entire game as nothing but a cube with no complaint - but I don't really feel like you're fully utilizing the elements available to you here. For example, all your walls, levers and buttons are plain black. While I'll grant that this does grant some effect to the lasers walls, you might have played with color coding the switches and doors, or, failing that, just made the levers and buttons their own colors so as to be a bit more eye-catching.
-On that note, you might consider adding a bit of color in the background - nothing fancy, just a simple pattern or something to add a bit of visual interest.
-You've got a bit of an accidental wall-hanging feature going on here - I keep missing with jumps and winding up stuck to the walls. It's far from anything gamebreaking, but it puts me off my flow a bit, especially when I'm jumping between closely spaced platforms. If you're not going to use it for a full wall-jumping/sliding feature, you should probably find a way to get rid of it.
-Similarly, I've noticed a rather entertaining glitch where, when I am already jammed up against the corner of a platform and am trying to move, my jump will for some reason launch me like five times higher than it should.

First games are pretty much never going to be perfect. There's plenty of room to improve in future projects, for sure. But you've clearly got some good instincts and knowledge to work from, and I'd love to see you really push it in future games. Keep at it!

FSt-Germain responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I can add a mute button I'm sure :) I'm starting to promise a lot for a new update and I'm worried some people might be disappointed, but I will work on eliminating as many bugs as I can. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Very creative! Good stuff!!