Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

waited long for the game :)

Incredible how ou just killed a char, there! I allmost hurts to see how falsely disapprooved Aizu is, and the conversations are still so awesome that I read them loud to let them sink in better.

Tough game, also. Did a lot of quick saves especially in the last battle.

Tired now :D

Keep up the brilliant work

I found the balance to be grossly unjust. You can only pick one path of skills for the party, and if you are off by one, from what I could tell from multiple tries at this game, you are screwed. The same goes, if and when you even have a chance to shop. Money is barely earned, and when you can buy, you can't afford anything decent. Also the spiders are way over powered. Don't count on me supporting this game anymore. I am highly disappointed with this experience.