Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

As many people have said, this series is truly one of my favourite on newgrounds! the humour's good, the story is fun (i was sad about the one death :( i liked him), and the gameplay is easy to learn and really creative environments that you can interact with lots. I also really enjoy that there is so much strategy involved; it's not just move and slash.

My only concern with this game is that eventually i feel that the difficulty jumps and sometimes later you realise that you should have chosen certain skills but there's not really anything you can do. i noticed this gets super problematic with the final boss...

Other than that, thanks for another great installment and i can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Last level was way too hard, relies on distraction skills and you have to keep playing with the quick saves. What if I dont want to use the distract skill?

Well, after many tries I could beat the all the battle with flawless victory without using either quick save nor resetting turn, I could even kill all the soldier in the battle where you have to survive 10 turns.
It was a nice challenge, I loved the game, it was quite hard, mostly in the fight against the Voronese Army, the grenadiers were problematic to deal. doing a lot of area damage. It got easier after the second playthough, since I started abusing the Mockery skill, setting some sort of meatgrinder.
Now is time to wait for the next chapter, keep the good work!.

Awesome. Just as good as the first..though a bit less humorous. :)
The ability to be able to use just about every character in different -though all usefull- ways is something that folks rarely get right, but you did. The character abilities have a great spread, and the animation is consistent and glitch free.
Very nice, I await episode 3 with much patience and glee.

Memery To Val I like that guy :(