Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

Took me a while but I finally beat chapter 2. For me, two fights in particularly were extremely difficult to achieve flawless victory and that was the warden and the first appearance of the plague licker monsters.
The battles were harder this time around. If anyone wants flawless victory in every battle, better make friends with the quick save/quick load. Most battles, you're out numbered. The difficulty level increased significantly from chapter 1 but is manageable (albeit frustrating.)
That last battle ... if you don't bother with any of the other characters and focus solely on Duriken with the help of Zoria's enamored, it's super easy.
Was hoping to see what happens to Aizu/Aizu's severed arm but guess that will be in chapter 3.

The last fight was ridiculous with having to spam mockery and since I didn't have lewd glance on zofia it was even more ridiculous (over use of SP boosting items) but after experimenting i'd finally gotten flawless victory. Later on it seemed that some of the characters became almost utterly useless and only there to be healed after taking damage. 8/10

OMG, best game ever! Last two fights were highly disappointingly easy though. Will write some tips in the walkthrough. Some other fights were very hard for me to get flawless. Especially against Rudolf cause I wanted to kill everyone in the room. Whoever thinks Duriken is hard has the wrong idea. It is possibly the easiest fight in the game.

Amazing how well made this game is! Awesome!

Introductory story was hilarious! I love the skinny girl, Y, who's bold and shy at the same time.

Game play is similar to episode. However, I found the battles more challenging because of the short of manpower to fight against the guards.