Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

I found the balance to be grossly unjust. You can only pick one path of skills for the party, and if you are off by one, from what I could tell from multiple tries at this game, you are screwed. The same goes, if and when you even have a chance to shop. Money is barely earned, and when you can buy, you can't afford anything decent. Also the spiders are way over powered. Don't count on me supporting this game anymore. I am highly disappointed with this experience.

I can't believe you actually killed off a character so nonchalantly.

That being said, this game has more of the stuff I like in the first game, except even harder. The music, characters, plot, gameplay, and presentation were all crazy awesome.

That being said, I didn't like how the healing darts became more useless overtime, even when I made upgrades to Casimir's special stat.

Just as good as the last one, although the Masked Woman fight feels kinda cheap.

Excellently done! Still as unique as the first one, which is (usually) a very good thing. Dialogue remains amusing and fun to read, and the characters' (strained) interactions continue to be enjoyable to watch. Difficulty is hard, but the quick save/load and restart turn utilities alleviate that problem perfectly; extremely glad that is a feature as flawless victory would be near impossible without walkthroughs if they weren't there to let you back up from mistakes. It makes this a half-strategy and tactics, half puzzle game, if you like to play it that way, which is a nice unsaid little choice. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment, whenever that may arrive. :)

Finally beat Chapter 2! Same rating as Chapter 1, with mostly the same strengths and weaknesses. I'll just list the flaws, as the good things are the same for Chapter 2 as they were in my review for Chapter 1.

1) As mentioned in my review for Chapter 1, it's almost impossible to remember the plot of the previous chapter by the time the next chapter appears after two years. I probably won't remember the plots to Chapter 1 and 2 by the time Chapter 3 comes out, dramatically reducing my enjoyment of the game. Also as I mentioned in my previous review, you should have waited until you completed the entire game before releasing the chapters all together. Just have each chapter playtested extensively before you start making the next chapter so you can plan changes to that chapter and the following chapters and polish each chapter and make every chapter as good as it can be before you release the entire game. Additionally, I, like many other people, upgraded my computer between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and so have no way of having a Chapter 1 save and be able to access that part of the gameplay.

2. The difficulty level is too high. You should be able to choose the difficulty level in the game. Less experienced gamers should have the option to choose easier difficulty levels. The first level was very hard for first time players, which turns some gamers off. The first level should be used as a tutorial for people who have never played the game to understand the mechanics, not as difficult as it is now. Also, it's possible to make enough wrong Skills choices or not kill enough enemies or not pick up enough items to find it very difficult to continue in the game and be forced to restart from a long time ago or even the entire game. For a game that a lot of people are playing for the first time due to the aforementioned long wait between chapters, the high difficulty level of the early levels turn a lot of people off.

3. There was no warning or any way to know which was the final level, so I saved my money and items for nothing.

P.S. Please bring Vadim back! He and his dialogue was one of my favorites. My crazy theory about Aizu is that she is Martin's sister in disguise, because they look the same in the codex.