Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

I am excited for the next chapter! I love this series so much. :)

Mutant Foreman Battle Tip: Killed everything but it still says DEFEAT ALL (2)? Make sure you destroy the cannons.

I like to see a sequel but I can't to finish Chapter 1.

I Found a glitch where it STILL says DEFEAT ALL (2) even when everyone's dead, on the Mutant foreman battle.

We need a COMPLETE list of all the secrets.

MezzanineStairs responds:

Secret locations and more are available on the wiki:


Played through this game again. Still love it.

Others may complain about how scarce money is, but I don't mind. It makes the game more challenging. You have to really deliberate whether each purchase is worth it, unlike in a lot of games, where they give you so much money that the monetary value of things becomes irrelevant. It also would seem kinda weird for the characters to complain about being broke in the cutscenes, but be swimming in gold in-story.

Suggestion for the next game: give one of the characters (Reynold? maybe Tevoran?) a passive skill that increases their damage and range when throwing barrels, crates, bodies, etc. Seriously, it is SO MUCH FUN killing a dude by bludgeoning him with the corpse of another dude.