Reviews for "World's End Chapter 2"

i love this game as well as the previous chapter
only 1 complaint:
the slimes that keep respawining in the exploding mushroom level need to be toned down a little
the monsters in there are already vastly overpowered, and i can only keep up running back and forth between spawnpoints with my 2 surviving character for so long without losing my mind.
please either tone down the attack power of the slimes, their HP or their spawning rate

i've restarted the battle about 4 times now, but the spiders kill off 3-4 of my characters every time because they can attack twice, move very far, and on top of that they poison and weaken characters

and because you had no shops in between for a very long time i also ran out of food items, so healing my characters is a total drag even with 2 healers on my team.

i like a challenge, but the combined difficulty of all these things is just simply to much to handle

Great story!
Too bad a character left the party so soon.
Can't wait for chapter 3!

The World's End is the best series of games on Newgrounds. A fucking masterpiece. Nothing on this site has made me laugh more than this amazing game. 5 stars, hands down.

This game is a nice twist on turn-based strategy, in particular for the plot.

Rather than a cast of goody two-shoes, the characters are anti-heroes at best. Tevoran and Ysabel in particular are hilarious. The other characters are well-written too, but those two take the cake. The characters interacting with the story really brings it home. A cast full of people who would make excellent soldiers (especially tevoran for being able to deflect BULLETS) running around smoking and drinking questionable substances, as well as slaughtering all sorts of people left and right instead of using their potential.

The music also does it's job really well. The simplicity somehow works even though the combat system itself is far from simple: Throwing around dead enemies in a way so other characters can throw them again hardly amounts to being simple.

As I have touched with my comments about the music, I also loved the battle system. The inclusion of common sense moves like simply shoving your enemy or throwing things at them was great.

The difficulty, on the other hand, is poorly paced. I had to replay chapter 1 and load a tevoran + multiheal-based save to defeat the soldiers on the grasslands. This might just have been the result of poor choices on my part, but no ability to change those choices, or being locked into a sub-optimal amount of skill points and sub-optimal equipment really hinder the game. This was made worse by the pathetically easy level right after. Adding difficulty is fine, but it needs to be built up better.

Again, this is a beautiful take on turn-based strategy premises, but the difficulty pacing really causes problems. If this is fixed somehow, I'll gladly give out 5 stars.

PS: Last time I checked the soundtrack wasn't working. Is it possible to get it up? I'd really like to be able to listen to the warden's theme.

Kind of sad that Vadim died since he was one of the strongest characters due to his passive "Backstab." HIlarious how he died though, with his last words being "OH PISS" rated 5/5 I'm already anxious for chapter 3. Hope Aizu comes back though. :P