Reviews for "Hero Simulator"

good humor nice quality but ramp up the bug fixes this has been saved

Really well made , highly addictive its really a blast!

I had the exact same problem as Vegaramses down there, I was having a great time then all of a sudden the page froze and I couldn't check my investments, I refreshed the page and all of a sudden... no data whatsoever of all my progress.
Please fix this as I was pretty much in love with the game untill this point.

I enjoy games like this and honestly the developer has done well. However there are quite a few bugs and I don't think a lot of time that the hero upgrades work for decreasing time for the quests. For instance before I got to Valor hero I checked a few times for quests and when i upgraded it did not decrease the time for either. Again I think the game is good but there are a few issues that need to be addressed for me to want to spend more time with it.

Had a lot of fun until I did a reset and didn't get my Hero Spirits. The freezes seemed to happen quite often, reloading the game fixed that for me though.