Reviews for "Hero Simulator"

Really well made , highly addictive its really a blast!

I had the exact same problem as Vegaramses down there, I was having a great time then all of a sudden the page froze and I couldn't check my investments, I refreshed the page and all of a sudden... no data whatsoever of all my progress.
Please fix this as I was pretty much in love with the game untill this point.

I enjoy games like this and honestly the developer has done well. However there are quite a few bugs and I don't think a lot of time that the hero upgrades work for decreasing time for the quests. For instance before I got to Valor hero I checked a few times for quests and when i upgraded it did not decrease the time for either. Again I think the game is good but there are a few issues that need to be addressed for me to want to spend more time with it.

Had a lot of fun until I did a reset and didn't get my Hero Spirits. The freezes seemed to happen quite often, reloading the game fixed that for me though.

As an idle game, it's nicely done. Lots of upgrades, lots of things different from other games of this type. However, there are two very critical flaws that keep it from being an excellent game. Firstly, it freezes up. Occasionally (this has happened to me 8 times, trying to get through one 'reset' of the game) it will freeze up.. you can still click on the quest bars but it will not allow you to call up any of the menus or upgrades (which also means no resetting). Secondly, and this is the far worse bug that I hope you manage to fix... saving is pointless. It doesn't actually save. Reloading the browser, or coming back to the game, etc does not restore any progress, so what is the point of claiming it is saving?

Again, great start of a game, if it can just get over those two HUGE hurdles, this will be one of the greatest idleclick games out there.