Reviews for "Mario's Final RPG Ep.1"

this game seem intresting and whell done i think that there was a probblem by making the jumpst correctly but i like it whell done!

its creative but you should add more attack types that could make it more interesting when you are creating the bean kingdom so that it will be out of this world with tons of secret references and eater eggs like some of your old enemies hanging out in a cafe or something plus make the health more realistic and marios damage should be high as this is after his previous adventures fun game and make it long

I know that song that played when blue toad told mario someone has been kidnapped. is that kingdom hearts? anyways loved the game keep up the good work.

MetaMike responds:

Yup (: the song that plays when the heartless appear for the 1st time on destiny island

COOL loved it

I love the way Bowser walked. it killed me.