Reviews for "Mario's Final RPG Ep.1"

Very fun and the story has me really interested with all of the cross-overs going on! Popple knowing Crump was very exciting to hear about. The only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that Popple actually had the Passport. When he stole it, he was a darker shade. I was expecting that to have been a Dark Popple, created by some greater evil in waiting.

That being said, the combat was surprisingly smooth, much like the original RPGs themselves. The only suggestion I can really give you, since you say you will be adding other ways to attack in the upcoming game is that you make the combat menu able to be controlled with only the keyboard.

I guess one other thing I should ask about is the possibility of controlling both party members. In this case, that would be the rescued Yoshi from the Glitz Pit. It felt very strange not controlling both party members in a game so much like the Mario & Luigi games. That would smooth out whatever bumps are left with this awesome game.

Good luck with this series, and I hope it does well!

MetaMike responds:

Hahaha I only shaded popple dark so that mario wouldn't recognize him when he bumped into him. I like that idea about him being a double popple lol thats very interesting. And yes glad you caught the crump reference. Controlling both party members will definitely be added..thanks for the feedback !

this game seem intresting and whell done i think that there was a probblem by making the jumpst correctly but i like it whell done!

its creative but you should add more attack types that could make it more interesting when you are creating the bean kingdom so that it will be out of this world with tons of secret references and eater eggs like some of your old enemies hanging out in a cafe or something plus make the health more realistic and marios damage should be high as this is after his previous adventures fun game and make it long

I know that song that played when blue toad told mario someone has been kidnapped. is that kingdom hearts? anyways loved the game keep up the good work.

MetaMike responds:

Yup (: the song that plays when the heartless appear for the 1st time on destiny island

COOL loved it