Reviews for "NWAR: Con Games"

Glad to see him escape the dungeons without meeting any dragons.

danmarkowitz responds:

Well he did have to roll those dice to see whether his escape would be successful!

Ya need some inspiration. Check out Piers Anthony Xanth novels. Love your style man!

Ohhhh! That was a blast! Even though the animation in itself is not crazy complicated, it still is really good and shows you put a lot of work in into it.
Also the narration is just so good, loved both the content and typical shady narrating voice ^^
Gonna check out the rest too, keep up the awesome work :D


He did say "risky"... I think.

it reminded me a lot to prison break

danmarkowitz responds:

There were actually a couple jokes about a map drawn on someone's body, but they were cut for time!