Reviews for "NWAR: Con Games"

You have a Monopoly on words sir! And the nastalgia is high seeing this.

Wow nice

So you have somany of these episodes I love the whole black and white element here it's very noir and you just don't see those types anymore but I do have to say this was pretty good stuff a nice story here anyways nice film

A nice black and white theme and good story no changes needed


it reminded me a lot to prison break

danmarkowitz responds:

There were actually a couple jokes about a map drawn on someone's body, but they were cut for time!

One of the most entertaining series I have watched on here.

Yeah, there's a game called Sorry which is pretty popular in my country, under different name.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludo_(board_game)

lol, so many game puns in this one. :D Only one I hadn't heard or played was Sorry, if that is a real game, not just a box with a name? Entertaining episode as always; a bit more intense than most!