Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 3"

I love this series. I did a speed run and got a time of 94 seconds.

For some reason, I just really like this one. Very clever, that box clue. I have to say, this kid's metabolism is incredible. He can saw down a tree and build a freaking radio tower after only eating a salad all day.

Another grand day at Sneaky Bay! Island sure is being exploited, shellfish, starfish, pearls, trees cut down, buildings popping up all over the place. :P Guess this is what happens when you give humans a select set of tools and let them run rampant! Another good segment; onto the next one.


selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I appreciate your reviews!

I finished in 134 seconds!


I knew the code had something to do with the payphone, but I couldn't figure it out. I kept trying to subtract the numbers and match those up with the letter keys, but that wasn't so. Only when I looked up the code word did I figure out how the clue worked, and it was super simple. Thanks for always challenging my brain.