Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 3"

Ha - phone pad code! Sneaky ;)

Quite a good game, but it was very easy and not that exciting overall.

Game was nice as always but... really didnt like the red box puzzle. went back and still saw no clue.. The colors in the suitcase would have made more sense, I think...

Game play is easier than previous episodes. At least, I only had to find one pearl to satisfy a merchant and a bird for a girl with crazy hair. Building a fire, refilling the water bottle, and calling mom have become a routine for Sneaky boy. Yet, there's a lack of excitement on this island. I reckon Sneaky boy and Grandpa should find something to entertain themselves, not just work every day.

@M-Class, that word simply came out of my mind and it happened to work. I didn't find a clue at the payphone.

How were we supposed to figure out that the password for the box was "open"?
I got the code off the page and tried using letters from everywhere. Finally caved and use the walk through only to get more confused..

selfdefiant responds:

The payphone was used for the solution.