Reviews for "The Thirteenth Crusade Finale (Part 4)"

the series was good, one of the best thing on new grounds for a long time

Animation may not be the best around and while it certanly has its share of cheesy scenes and stereotypical characters overall this is realy impressive. Tbh i think this idea would make a realy good series or movie with the right budget, or for that matter its a great concept for a game.

love everything about this, every second of this, the characters, the art, the direction, the music, honestly I do not see why you would not take this project and play in the mayor leagues, maybe pitch it to an animation studio? I do not know. All i know is that it is a Sunday afternoon after church, and I do not care about whats playing at the movie theater or on netflix, because I am watching The Thirteenth Crusade, great work indeed.

I've watched the whole episodes by now, your work is pretty awesome. I can see that you poured a lot of effort into this project, but first let me start with the bad part, The animation, it's not the best.

Now that I've got that out of the way....

I was expecting an action packed series and nothing more, turns out it's way better than my expectation. The way the story is presented, the characters, voice acting, the music, sound effects, everything is well executed.

Wish to see more stuff from you.

Amazing is all I can say.

Well not really because I'm about to say a lot more.
I just watched all of the episodes of this series and after finishing the first episode I decided it might be best to wait for the final one to write and rate.
The story is fantastic, action and drama, mixed with the oppression of dystopian sci-fi/fantasy you would see in the works of George Orwell. The "space marine" style of the templars seemed to be taken straight from Warhammer. While the animation isn't exactly the greatest I've seen here it definitely isn't the worst. It was stiff and not exactly easy on the eyes. However, I must say by the end I felt it somewhat suited it somehow. Especially with Augustine (I kind of like how it made is face look almost skeletal.) The voice acting quality is above par but not exactly anything special. You could hear the feedback every time someone spoke as well, again I'll say it somewhat fit, especially since (I'll once again point out Augustine) the feed back was worst for Bishop Augustine, but it made his voice sound somewhat robotic, kind of like the Daedra from Elderscrolls. It again fit and made him just that bit more intimidating. The dialogue was filled with a range of emotions, the one-liners laced with dark humor and some of the scenes made me straight out smirk. The characters were likable, beginning to end. Even some of the people who started off being complete bastards wound up showing a sympathetic side, and seemed somewhat fit for redemption. The monsters even (I'll call back to the scene from that bit where Charles was running to the library. He passed the wolf that was crawling away and whimpering. I couldn't help but feel bad by the sounds it made).
However, I do have a worry with this series as a whole. I noticed straight from the beginning that you used some... trademarked things. Music and some of the armor designs (specifically Jasper, who's armor was straight up Fallout's Brotherhood of Steel power armor).

UniversalHeat responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the series, it was quite a labor of love. And I absolutely agree with you about the sound, animation, etc. I made this series years ago and...yeah it is kind of a nightmare to look at and listen to for the most part! Still, I learned so much about animation, sound design...pretty much everything while making this, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm honestly just amazed that I managed to finish this monstrocity at all! Anyway, thank you so much for your review, it really means the world to me that people actually enjoy what I make. And if you're curious, try checking out my more recent short films "Flotsam" and "Rabbit Hole". They're a lot easier on the eyes.
Of course, they're also wayyyyy more artsy and oblique, so be warned ;)