Reviews for "The Thirteenth Crusade Finale (Part 4)"

the series was good, one of the best thing on new grounds for a long time

Watched all of the episodes now, compelling story and a nice ending to the series. Kind of sad that it's over, looked forward to seeing a new episode each morning. Although artstyle wise it's simple, kind of makes up for it due to the creative way that you drew camera angles.

I think my favourite part of the series is the large battle against the infected midway through the series, the way the explosions were animated when the hive was being bombarded was pretty impressive, those episodes had the most impressive animation aswell, a lot going on at once. I still don't like charles though haha, i think it's the way his face is drawn.

Thank you for this. The Symbology is great. Great tower of bable unleashing the beasts with. The eye for an eye, the whole world blind. The greatest fear is the morning light. Luciferian light. The greatest trick ever created. First Angle of light. Babylon IS fallen. Ultimately its us, we, who create our own reality. If ONE shall awaken the whole world is doomed. And that's OK. Life is change. Growth is optional.

I love it! I saw All of the series the drama,loyal,action,war,love and freedom all in one series you did very well,the only bad thing is the series is ended ;) .

P.S hope to see more of your great work :D

I have to confess that i have not watched all of the episodes, mostly due to time, but i have been following the descriptions and man what an incredible series, as soon as i get done with some other things i will jump right to it, but for the little peeks that i have got i already love it.