Reviews for "The Thirteenth Crusade Finale (Part 4)"

This is just plain brilliant.

Holy Fuckin Shit..the end of The Thirteenth Crusade...you only got 904 views this part of the episode Or episode
make a review of something like this is hard, Why? because i'm a fanboy of this series,ANYWAY i will continue with the review im parts(Story,Voice Acting and Etc)
Story:The Thirteenth Crusade is really a surprise can't say nothing because it will be spoiler(WTF THIS IS THE FINALE!)
Characters:Well done backstory, all the characters make me say:HOLY SHIT HIM WILL DIE!,Mothafocka! and other stuff
Voice Acting(Or something like that):its great it match perfectly(Or something like that too)
Badassness:dunno why i mate a Badassness maybe just to say BADASS!
Emotions:Ok...i have to say that i got close to have a manly cry of manlyness
And that is why i give 4.5 of 5 stars...but it will appear 5 because i recommend this

An epic ending for this epic series.
Although the art needed some work, the direction of this animation was extremely well executed!
I loved the way you used the music in each scene; the mood and setting was spot on.
The story and characters were great! I actually got sad when some of the characters died.
I hope you'll do more projects like this in the future! :)

An amazing series, I watch them all and not one of them has let me down. Will be looking forward to future projects from you. Keep it up!

Animation may not be the best around and while it certanly has its share of cheesy scenes and stereotypical characters overall this is realy impressive. Tbh i think this idea would make a realy good series or movie with the right budget, or for that matter its a great concept for a game.