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Reviews for "Teemo Must Die II, Alistar Edition"

dream come true *^* hehehehehe

its really annoying when you make a keyboard dominant game and you have to click the x's on the tutorials to get rid of em, rookie mistake. having said that the game is well made and put together, so 4/5 stars

The game is pretty good. For those having trouble figuring out the shop, try right clicking the items. I found one glitch. At times close to the statue, the meteor move causes the character to go through the ground below the screen and is moved to the right of the screen until the end of the map. There was also one bit that I don't know if it was a glitch. Teemo will randomly die off screen. For one of the deaths, he was inside the cave.

Love the graphics/artwork of the game, there indeed is a performance issue with the game like pressing the Start button and still waiting to load

I actually kind of liked this game. There were glitches but I still got 30 mins of playtime from it! Some of the problems I had were that I couldn't buy anything from the shop and sometimes the skills would get stuck in "cooldown". Other than that, this is a really neat little game and I love the art style.
P.S. This game isn't for everyone. Some people, such as myself, will like it and others won't.
P.S.S Give it a chance :L