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Reviews for "The Taking of Sarah Grace"

You creep motherfucker, why did you do this?
Here in my town there is a girl from my school missing. Shes gone missing for about a week. Fuck.
And thats not even the worst part, my front neighbors moved to the US two months ago.
Fuck mate, please tell me that you invented this history. This is really givin me the creeps.

please tell me this is fake. i pray to god it is. how could someone do this? i wish there was an option to slit the assholes throat.

great game.

That was nice and original. I would've loved some music/sounds in the background though.

Pretty good... Although I don't like how it amounted to a shaggy dog story in the end. Many questions were left unanswered as well, major and minor, and that bothered me. But hey, not the worst thing ever!

Really good book-like text adventure.