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Reviews for "Electric Cock Rocket"

Without a score table, this gets pointless very fast. Nice game though....you should do it with politicians instead of UFOs.....now THEY really poop on our heads :)

DBuck-Eye responds:

Not a bad idea... There is a score table in the game, but I didn't have a chance to integrate NG scores or anything...

Welp, for the people that claim they perfected this "Rocket Cock Technology", they need some improvement.
Things RCT needs to improve on:
*Premature Discharge
(Well, the moment I got the metal "Premature Discharge" I realized why it's called the Electric Cock Rocket). Though this wasn't a major issue as usually when I grab the bird, I'd launch it immediately instead of holding it out.
*Cock dies in one shit (Which does add challenge but RTC perfectionists should really be able to make the chicken more.....durable).
*Chicken cannot be still, has to be moving around making shit hard to dodge.
(Yeah I shouldn't really give a shit about the story but hey, it's up there and it ain't a bad read so I couldn't help but give some shit about it).

Anyway, about the game: It has great replay value and is fun for if I wanted to kill a lot of time. I wish I can just press R to replay the game quickly since it looks like a game designed where it would go great with the quick replay. Also having the WSAD control would be good as well. It would be great if you can make this a game app on the phone. It's a game I'd really like to play if I end up in a situation where I had to sit around in some place and wait for three long hours for some bullshit reason.

DBuck-Eye responds:

This game really is designed to be played on the phone (and if you visit this site on a phone, you can play it on one already!), so I guess I should get it out on an app store or something...
I think I'll try to add different controls in a future update. I'm glad that you liked it!

10/10 - IGN

DBuck-Eye responds:

I was hoping for at least a 12/10 from IGN...

Simple (to me) little game! Haha! Nice!

Pretty decent game, somewhat original concept and it handles well, sounds are good and the graphical style is nice, definitely worth a shot

DBuck-Eye responds:

Glad that you liked it!