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Reviews for "Electric Cock Rocket"

I love the game, so I'll leave a good rating, but a few things:

1) I see no reason this game should ever lag, but it does. I get stuck moving in one direction or another and die due to unresponsiveness. Not sure what you built this with and how much control you have over performance.

2) I can't scroll the story on desktop? It goes off the page... I actually think the sliding is implemented in a really clunky way, even on the pages where it works (achievements and scores).

Other than that, I don't think I have any major problems with the experience. Some shortcut keys within menu contexts would be nice (hitting r to replay) for desktop users...

More than anything, I love that the game feels very expressive in a sort of elegant, although South Park-ish kind of way.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm really glad that you liked it! What were you playing it on? I'm using a 2010 MacBook Pro with Firefox 41 and it seems to run fine, but this could definitely lag, especially if you have a lot of tabs open, unfortunately. HTML5 and javascript are getting better in terms of performance, but honestly, I think Flash is still faster.

I think I'll add some more control options and a replay key tonight. Thanks for the review!

Welp, for the people that claim they perfected this "Rocket Cock Technology", they need some improvement.
Things RCT needs to improve on:
*Premature Discharge
(Well, the moment I got the metal "Premature Discharge" I realized why it's called the Electric Cock Rocket). Though this wasn't a major issue as usually when I grab the bird, I'd launch it immediately instead of holding it out.
*Cock dies in one shit (Which does add challenge but RTC perfectionists should really be able to make the chicken more.....durable).
*Chicken cannot be still, has to be moving around making shit hard to dodge.
(Yeah I shouldn't really give a shit about the story but hey, it's up there and it ain't a bad read so I couldn't help but give some shit about it).

Anyway, about the game: It has great replay value and is fun for if I wanted to kill a lot of time. I wish I can just press R to replay the game quickly since it looks like a game designed where it would go great with the quick replay. Also having the WSAD control would be good as well. It would be great if you can make this a game app on the phone. It's a game I'd really like to play if I end up in a situation where I had to sit around in some place and wait for three long hours for some bullshit reason.

DBuck-Eye responds:

This game really is designed to be played on the phone (and if you visit this site on a phone, you can play it on one already!), so I guess I should get it out on an app store or something...
I think I'll try to add different controls in a future update. I'm glad that you liked it!

The games pretty fun but even though I'm using Firefox the medals don't work and you can't see all of the "story" part, the cheevos says I have the medals though. Other than that It's a great game.

DBuck-Eye responds:

The story thing's intentional, because you shouldn't care. The medals thing sort of stinks, so I'll take a look at that.

Without a score table, this gets pointless very fast. Nice game though....you should do it with politicians instead of UFOs.....now THEY really poop on our heads :)

DBuck-Eye responds:

Not a bad idea... There is a score table in the game, but I didn't have a chance to integrate NG scores or anything...

Pretty decent game, somewhat original concept and it handles well, sounds are good and the graphical style is nice, definitely worth a shot

DBuck-Eye responds:

Glad that you liked it!