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Reviews for "Cyber Hell 6"

La verdad es que el juega esta muy bueno pero robojesus y error son muy dificiles pero el juego es muy entretenido 9 de 10

ok whell this is my review of this game
the style and drawning and of the fatalities are
ok i like them
the difficulty even on easy was...too easy
i like the style of the bosses an i like kinda your games
oh and also
making a game harder dosen't mean that you get one shot one kill i know there are games whit this techique but somehow its more harder on this game
my vote its a 4/5 kinda because of the difficulty
and maybe of the idea that i have to make all the game that if i get touch i die on the hard mode and i have to spam even more the attack buton that its more likely a machine gun

The good old Cyber Hell is back! Though I've destroyed Hell, so next is... Cyber Saturn? Cyber Universe?

Type BENDER for hard mode

Nice game man.I watch you on Youtube :>