Reviews for "Billionaire Bum"

After many f**king hours, i've finally become a billionaire, I was worried that I would break my precious clicky button.
But other than that, for some reason I just didn't want to give up until the end.
Took me F**KING HOURS!!!! But I did it!
Really makes you think about just how much a billion is X_X

Billionaire Bum is an good game with good graphics however I didnt like waiting around for the last medal and compared to other idle games the options are low.

its all good until you try to get the last medal.....

Not a bad game but as I sit here waiting to get the last medal I feel that there could have been an option to buy some multiples of the upgrade that increases your idle cash production to make the whole process a little shorter in waits. I know it's an idle game but some more stuff thrown in couldn't hurt.

The graphics were okay and probably the best aspect of the game but It was really let down with the lack of content. Maybe spend some more time planning out the game, some little visual gags in the background maybe.

It's an okay idle game, that's about it.

Another idle game, eh?
Well, it was a bit lacking in content... Not saying that it is bad, and you've obviously put quite a bit of effort in but some more upgrades would be nice.
Graphics aren't too bad but could use a little work.
Also, I can't get past the "Life is looking up Milhouse" part. I have enough money but the level up button doesn't co-operate.
A bit more work and this could be a great idle game.