Reviews for "Billionaire Bum"

The concept is awesome, but it's not a true idle game since for you to lvl up you need to spend your time clicking a bunch. It'd be more fun if there were more upgrades to help lvl up easier since it takes too long to reach the next level if you're just letting the game be idle.

Keep at it and make an even better idle game! You can do it!

Worst idle game I have ever played, took me less than an hour, 1.5 stars because it's a good concept.

Gonna be serious here: I have seen a lot better Idle Games and they didn't have saving either.

The main problem here is that your progress is heavily hindered, you can only buy one of each upgrade, whereas many other idlers allows you to stack upgrades over and over.

Good simple game but there isnt that much to upgrade. And theres no save option, so when i got to 744m and turned off my computer the 3.5 hours i had been waiting were wasted.

I DID IT!!!!! Its really aditcive and thats why i like this game. (sorry for my bad english)