Reviews for "Billionaire Bum"

A really short clicker/idle/incremental game. Way too short.

First impressions aren't too bad, though th emusic instantly gets annoying. For an incremental game of this kind to captivate the audience you need to have something more going on. The way it seems to be here is that you have four stages with 2 upgrades on each stage before you "level up".

That's it? Am I missing something completely here? There's no way to tell what you've bought, the Upgrades screen doesn't change at all when you buy stuff, the only difference being I can't actually buy it again, nothing happens when I click the buttons. There's no DPS counter showing how much damage you do per click or second, and the only way to ge tthrough this without going mad with boredom is to use an autoclicker through it.

I like the idea, but the execution is very poor.

I completed the game and I didn't get the medal.....

I've spent 2 hours on this game and for what 7 medals and no time left for today to do anything

it took me just 7 mins and was easy game when u got auto clicker xD use it instead of torturing your mouse :)

This was a fun game very enjoyable:3 started as a bum into a billionaire:P