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Reviews for "Frankie & Stein"

Blue/Orange - suicide
Blue/Green - suicide
Blue/Red - homicidal Stein
Green/Orange - Killing Stein
Orange/Red - homicidal Stein
Orange/Purple - suicide
Green/Red - Killing Stein
Green/Purple - Suicide
Purple/Red - Killing Stein

....... am I missing anything? Because I got all the wrong solutions. This game doesn't help you at all because Frankie gives NO FEEDBACK on the brains you first try! Maybe if you picked some she liked she would "humm maybe this could work with something else" or whatever... but no! She hates all of them. Really didn't like the experience on this game.
Did anybody actually finished this game with a good ending?

Tried every combo. All failed. Unless the order of the brains matches, in which case you're finding a needle in a haystack. Fun to play, but kinda disappointing. It would be nice if there was an ending that was positive.

Cute story, nice graphics, overall fun+short time waster! GJ! :)
I suggest having the option to skip the beginning when restarting and a short word to tell the player to click-drag the image to look for brains.
PS: the combination leading to the 2nd ending kept freezing (where Stein says 'WHAT'). I finally managed to get it working after reloading 3x.

Im 100% with HanBananCan. And im the "Next"-Button-Clicker-Hero..
But still nice work, just need a lil pimp. 3 and 3

Not sure if I'm missing something or if there really isn't any combination of brains that results in a successful monster. Even if there is no correct solution, there should be a lot more story endings (I keep getting the same two). Either the replay button should skip straight to the brain selection, or there should be an option to skip the beginning story. Spelling/grammar should be checked. The concept is good and I really like the art, but the actual game part of it needs improvement.