Reviews for "Royal Offense 2"

Great game, you really did a great job, but you could make this a little easier, it's still very difficult, even on easy, or maybe I'm dumb, Idk. But good work on the game otherwise, it's easy to understand and it's fun and keeps you enternained.

Very good game, I really had fun playing it. But besides the "hero" part there wasnt very much changes to the first part. At the end (about last 4 lvls) it became pretty hard and without my knight sword hero, who was nearly unkillable (uh-jeah) I wouldnt be able to beat them on hard-mode.

Bugs; if you use the "storm cloud" spell near a building it disapears (only the graphic), sometimes the mouse-movement keep scrolling on the map without coming close to the border (clicking once at the screen helps).

Would be nice; if the taxman-hero also would lvl-up like the others and if the story would be deeper or better told (who the f*ck are those 2 woman?!?)


You make way too much gold and you'll never be able to spend it because of the unit limit... also you should be able to destroy some of your men (exp. taxmen) in order to make more knights... If these balance issues are fixed, you'll have a wonderfull game :D

Pretty easy game, and straight foreward. For those who cant get past level 4 check the bottom of your screen when you are in the map and click the upgrade icon. You can upgrade your melee and ranged units. played this for a solid 2 hours and got to the spider level. Also LPT: You can grab your characters and drop them wherever you want if you plan on micro'ing them a little.