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Reviews for "Zomboid Grinder"

so...no idea what i was doing...what are the instructions?

applessmillion responds:

(In the Author Comments)
*Move your cursor (or finger, if you're on a touchscreen) across Zomboid to attack. He'll sometime drop Scrap Metal, which you can use to upgrade your skills!
To build on to that, upgrade by clicking on the monitors across the top. Your goal is to defeat Zombot, by rubbing him or getting your H-Bot (if you choose to hire them) to defeat him. Once you do that, you'll be brought to the end-game screen. If Zomboid defeats you, you'll be brought to a game-over screen, with the option to retry. Goal of the game is to finish the battle in the least amount of time possible.

It's okay overall. Zomboid's health is quite easy to kill once 50 power is hit though, so getting the "Power of 200" medal becomes quite hard. I found a bug wherein if you let Zomboid get killed by idling rather than by rubbing, Zomboid dies and you're left with the game screen with nothing to do but use your scrap on upgrades you can afford. Otherwise, another great game applessmillion.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the feedback Nerfed the power 200 badge to power 150, also fixed the idle bug.

It's finally out!,I don't know how to upgrade :(

applessmillion responds:

Simply click on the screens once you begin. Rub the Zomboid to gain scrap metal. The costs of the upgrades will be on the screens.