Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

no option for female player, sexist piece of shit!!

(jk i didn't actually give it 0 stars hihi)

Tyler responds:

The next Sentry Knight will be a cooking sim and the main character will be a housewife who does dishes the whole game.

There is much to say about this game, I dont really know where to begin with

-It's not a really good choice to hide the auto-fire option deep into the edit setting and not allow the player to pick one when he first starts the game.
-Gameplay-wise every wave is kind of the same : If not for the bombos or bats you wouldnt even have to move your characters, so those two ennemies are here to keep you on your toes. They will be the primary sources of death, as projectiles are slow enough to be easily avoided, and since bats and bombos doesnt spawn through the paths where the ennemies on foot come from, they tend to spawn in your back, usually at the worst possible time, when you are trying to avoid ennemy fire.
-Basic strategy consist to run around the stage in circle to avoid ennemy fire.
-The barrels are impossible to explode properly, they are never in the way of the ennemies, always carefully on the side as if someone had stored it here to make sure nobody get hurts, I've retried around 20 times for the stars where you have to get an ennemy with the barrels, thus bringing my next point :
-Ennemies can deal damages to crates and barrels. This is infuriating for 2 reasons
*the first one is that, the ennemies have spread bullets and therefore have much more chance to hit a barrel, especially when you are circling around one because you try to get that damn star. Sure it takes a couple of hit from them but they are swarming the player, so a couple of hits is easy for them.
*During boss fights, The crate contains precious potions, and there's nothing more frustrating to pick up a potion while avoiding a boss attack while you have nearly all your life, just because the boss is spamming bullets everywhere. Contrary to barrel, crates take only one hit to get cracked, wich should have been the other way around as you usually need to get that barrel to explode NOW.
-Speaking of explosions the radius of the blasts are laughable, unless the ennemy stand precisely ON the barrel or the bombo, they dont take damage. Wich...Leads me to my other point:
-If ennemies can interact with the crates the same way the player does, there is NO REASON why this shouldnt apply to everything else, without making them succeptible to friendly fire, how about some environemental damage ? Making them slide on the ice, or taking damage while in the lava pits...Seriously why are they not taking damage while stepping on the lava ?

Now let's talk for a bit about the upgrade system.
-As I said previously on Sentry Knight 2 : An upgrade system need to allow the player to specialise himself in the playstyle he likes, here you basically need everything to finish the game.
-You need health upgrade or the bombos one shot you (How about having a lifebar instead of lifepoint next time ? It would feel less cheap when a boss or a bombo make you fail the whole level because of one hit KO.
-Increasing the gun damage is barely helpfull, unless fully upgraded you cant even tell the difference between level 1 or 2, you need to put at least 3 separate levels to be able to kill some monsters a bit faster, and only some monsters. In the later levels, a fully upgraded riffle is barely able to do the work, our Marksman main weapon truly is magic, I'll get back to that point later.
-How does the Regen even work ? Sometime I get an HP back and sometimes despise not taking any hit for 20 seconds nothing happens, this still confuse me even when I maxxed the skill. And the regeneration is barely usefull for what it is, better have a loot of HP and betting on finding potions.
-Boosting the potion power is the key to the late games, this upgrade can carry the player through several waves without breaking a sweat. A little too easy maybe ? As monsters regularily drop health potions that gave me 5 to 6 HP I was able to use this ability a lot more than the regeneration
-Now as for the magic...You should rebrand you game "Mage knight" because this Sentry isnt doing much killing on it's own. It's making me mad each time to be so dependable on magic. On the first Sentry Knight Magic didnt play such a big role in the gameplay but since Sentry Knight 2 you are making it a core part of the gameplay : And I want no part in it : I want to shoot at things and kill them hard. Put all of my points in shooting things and kill stuff and not into having to cast spells and waiting for cooldowns. By taking away the possibility of going full offense you are forcing the player into a type of gameplay he might not like the magic user gameplay wich consist into waiting for your spells to reload constantly. For the sake of argument I went as far as I could without upgrading my magic once and found myself forced to do so in order to do some actual damage to the bosses.
-The bosses lifebars are so laughably hard to lower it's not even fun. This gives the player no sense of progression against a hard boss at all and make all the previous upgrading seem worthless. I'm fully upgraded and I cant even deliver a massive blow to the first boss when I blast it with all my magic at once at the begining of the fight. Way to give your player a sense of progression to show how strong your character has became.
-The Lich Necromancer boss is too easy for what it is, I had no trouble to kill it without breaking a sweat. I dont think it deserves it's spot as penultimate boss.
-The mage itself is very cheap. Not hard, cheap. Refering to his second form, unless you keep enough space with him you cant avoid his walls of flammes. Not only it's very hard to avoid, but it's hitting hard. Now as I said earlier, by the time the second form of the boss had began, the first form already broke all the crates, and when I circled around him to avoid getting hit I picked up the health potions accidentally.
-Needing 51 stars to access the final boss is asking too much of the player, especially judging the condition in wich you make him play. You should lower that number as no one should have to painfully backtrack through stages to grasp at stars that are not impossible to get (Like the barrel one for instance).
-And your reward for killing the final boss is...Money. Yay. Your character is already fully upgraded by then because not only you had to complete the main campaign once (And the last levels easily gives you 500 coins when you beat them) but you also had to backtrack to do impossible at first missions to win stars (Like killing the slime queen under a minute)
-Stars should be hard to get but still managable to gain on the first run by the way, making the player backtrack is just a cheap trick to make the game last longer and do not reward the player for actual skill but reward it for grinding.
-Did I mention the amount of gold you give for visiting your facebook/Twitter account is ridiculous ? Worst pop up I instantaneously closed ever.

I am probably forgetting things, but now that we've cleared gameplay let's talk about the overall design and story of the game.
-The main character tries too hard to be an edgy and cool marksman/Ranger, just to become unlikable. He decides to go save the kingdom after the knight was striked down even though he's clearly "too cool for this".
-The shadowy figure that's supposed to be the main vilain look more like a pinguin than a mage to me, that is when he is still in the shadow. Either that or he look like a kid wearing a cap. Either way it's not a very frightening shadowy figure.
-As another reviewer said, the overlord hiding in the shadows laughing as the hero slice through it's army is a tired cliché, now I wouldnt mind too much about that if it wasnt for one thing.
*Your game feature blood, so it's clearly not aimed to a younger audience, wich would have excused the lazyness of the plot
*Your dialogs or plot bring nothing new and or interesting to this tired cliché to entertain a teen or Adult player
*Your gameplay is clearly not good enough to excuse a lazy story telling.
-The ending is beyond disapointing, the final boss is the main character with pink hair in a dress, they share the same eyebrows and the same "too cool for you" personality, and the ending is basically some quick chitchat that basically goes like "What happened -You went evil dude -Whaaaat? No way -Yes way -Wanna go grab some chicken? -Kay" *Roll credits. No ending means nothing to reward the player that has gone this far. Also the knight from the beginning is still alive ? Iknow it's like Sentry knight main character, but still. This is cheap.
-Some monsters and ideas are ripped off some more famous and noteworhty games, including but not limited to
*Animal orbs (Castle Crashers)
*Bombos (Final Fantasy)
*Trolls (WoW)
Pretty sure some of your other vilains are also ripped from something else, but they look so bland and generic that I cant tell for sure.

And lastly a little pet peeves of mine ?

Why is it called Sentry Knight conquest?

1°)The hero is the Marksman, not the sentry Knight
2°)It has nothing to do with the Sentry knight kind of gameplay at all.
3°)There is no defending any wall here, just lasting through waves of ennemies.
4°)The hero defend the kingdom against an evil army they dont go on a conquest at all. Is it because there's a map ? Because that's all I can figure.

So yeah, in this game there is no sentry, no knight, no conquest. Talk about false advertising.

Tyler responds:

You said a mouthful. But I bet you're used to that sort of thing.

if you play this again it stock fix this creator

I know this kind of review is very user-specific, and not really the obligation of the developer, but a game that uses both the keyboard and the mouse is pretty alienating to people who use laptops with a trackpad. There are too many games users like me can't play without going out and buying a mouse.