Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

I love the game, but I can't load my previous game.

As a huge tower defense buff, I've really enjoyed the Sentry Knight series. I'm enjoying this rendition, too, but started to experience some significant hitches during the gameplay. Every five to ten seconds the game will freeze up for about a one to two seconds. This didn't happen at the outset, but only began occurring after I engaged in some level grinding between the first two stages. I have a decent rig, so my hardware shouldn't be the source of the problem.

Great game i would give it a 5 star rating if my saves would load everytime i want to load a save it shows the animation of the gate closing but then nothing

Dear Christ, The living bombs are just... I've shot them like 10 times, they live. I shoot them once more and they finally blow up, THEY KILL ME IN THE PROCESS. It takes forever to kill them and when you do, they kill you to. Please nerf them. Otherwise, Great game. Graphics are good and this is a newer idea.

Pretty much removed the entire (well-made) upgrade tree from previous, replacing it with a very simple upgrade choice. Options were a little limited, especially in a game so focused on arena combat as this. The vast array of interesting spells has also been reduced, becoming 3 fairly bland spells with no additional effects. Overall, a disappointing addition, but with good potential. It just feels half-arsed compared with previous installments. Hoping the next will be a little better.

Mediocre at best, but with solid, basically glitchless gameplay.

Tyler responds:

It's a very different game. Tree wasn't gonna work in this genre shift.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback!