Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Overall i enjoyed the game was fun that being said i did find the last upgrade on the gun felt pointless as it still took the same amounts of hit to kill enemies ie large slime was 2 hits to kill on every upgrade past 2 i understand that it may effect difficulty to change this, maybe to counter that effect add a level restriction to level 5 as you will hit this level midway through the game. the pets would be usefull if you could upgrade their abilities ie bird can carry 1 more coin and moves 10% faster pig drops 2 coins instead of 1 keep up the good work would love to see some improvements

I´m still going through the game, it´s fun and different which is nice, of course there´s going to be pros and cons, and since it just came out things are going to need to be tweaked so I wouldn´t worry too much over it since it´s such a good concept you have here.
For things i noticed, the level up system is simple and really fits in here, but i couldn´t see any mayor difference after the 2nd gun upgrade.
After I leveled up past level 4 I couldn´t see the effects it had on the character or if spells were stronger or whatever happens.
Maybe pets could have an upgraded version? they do seem like baby pets and having stronger effects would help out a lot, it´s really exploitable.
Last but not least, not sure if you´ll think much of this but, when the living bombs explode, maybe you could make it so the bullets hurt enemies too? since you make them explode i think it´d be a nice little detail to add, but that´s all for that.

I really enjoy your games and I´m happy that you are bringing more to the table :) keep it up and hope you get the greenlight guys.

visual : Decent background and animations but art style is pretty samey compared to the other games you produced. Nice touch with the screen shake when the player character is firing though.

audio: Good music that appropriately sets the tone of the game.

ui : Layout of UI is well-organized and intuitive.


1) Difficulty in pressing skill hotkeys while navigating with the WASD keys (tendency to press the wrong keys while moving with WASD). Also, it is distracting to the player to look away from the player character to check the skill icons at the bottom left corner of the screen, especially when the player has to dodge incomoing bullets.

Suggestion : Change spell selection by cycling through the list of spells using the 'E' key with the icon of the selected spell hovering over the player character. Then direct the spell by right-clicking the spot on the screen.

2) Player movement feels too sluggish; player may feel frustrated at not being quick enough to dodge bullets.

Suggestion: Include an upgrade that raises movement speed.

As a huge tower defense buff, I've really enjoyed the Sentry Knight series. I'm enjoying this rendition, too, but started to experience some significant hitches during the gameplay. Every five to ten seconds the game will freeze up for about a one to two seconds. This didn't happen at the outset, but only began occurring after I engaged in some level grinding between the first two stages. I have a decent rig, so my hardware shouldn't be the source of the problem.

Looks like a fun game just a shame that i cant get past the first autosave
the thing loads for an eternity :P