Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

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Simple Survival wave game , consistent of different monsters to keep you on your feet.

I don't know much about the series but this "conquest" version is pretty good it kept me playing for an hour before i realized how much time has passed, will give it an upvote on steam to get green lite but it will need more to get green lite I'm afraid content wise. Flash is limited, steam well need a bit more.

Other then that
Keep up the good work

Tyler responds:

Oh yeah, the video is a tiny percentage of what's in store. Plus it already got greenlit :)

Anyway, thanks for your comment- glad you liked the game!

this game erased my progress
butt it is great
please fix so that i got my progress

I really enjoyed this, could use more varied environments imo.

Tyler responds:

I agree! Glad you had fun :D

Pretty dang fun. Wish the spells weren't in such an awkward space, it's hard to move around and cast a spell at once, but hey, maybe that's just me being used to using a controller. Otherwise, great job!

I really wish I had a mouse to play this. It would probably be a lot better of an experience for me. I like the game. It's fun. The first level is kinda difficult for the first level but, then again I'm not using a mouse. Great game! Also, it is difficult to run and shoot, nearly impossible for me.