Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Game design is good and all but i cant beat lvl 2 and pisses me off. Im not hating art work is awesome. But make enemines less tough like shotgun fox. everthing else is okay. Actually not everything else. Slime enemies are copied programming from minecraft it splits into more. u just took one less out and made it where a large slime makes small slimes. tsk,tsk,tsk.

Tyler responds:

Copied from Minecraft? lol enemies that break apart into smaller enemies has been a trope mechanic in games forever. Halo's Flood Carriers, Nuclear Throne's maggots, Sentry Knight 2's Rock Golem, Minecraft Slimes, Battleheart Slimes etc etc etc.

What an awesome little game great job folks.

This game was very good and very well made, and no doubt deserves a good score. On the formal aspects I got nothing to add (sounds, music, graphics). However, it was also a little disappointing to me (and, judging by the other reviews, others may feel this way). I liked the other Sentry Knight games a lot, and I was expecting a tower defense type. Instead, this one felt more like a "bullet hell" type of game. Also, the spells options feel a lot more limited than before.

Now, I'm not criticizing the search for innovation. For example, the rescue of pets during the progression was a great and fun idea - not only for the upgrade itself, but the anticipation it generated, got gamers wondering which would be next, and its power. Many successful gaming series change a lot over time, but the sin here was becoming more action than strategy I think. A sudden change in the game type may catch fans off guard.

Tyler responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, this one was always intended to be different from the tower defense series - all the tower defense Sentry Knight games will be numbered (Sentry Knight 2, Sentry Knight 3 [eventually].. etc). I'll make another defense game at some point, but right now it's fun to spin the mechanics into a different genre and see how they play.

In hindsight I understand the names might be misleading - I just like to use the Sentry Knight universe as a playground for new things, such as different genres (like this game) and trying out story-telling (next game). Anyway, it's refreshingly nice to step towards talking about concept and searching for innovation in these comments; thanks for the critique!

I know this kind of review is very user-specific, and not really the obligation of the developer, but a game that uses both the keyboard and the mouse is pretty alienating to people who use laptops with a trackpad. There are too many games users like me can't play without going out and buying a mouse.

Those red bombs show up way too early in the game for the player to handle. The last half of the game ramps up to a point where there are no more upgrades to make it less challenging, as the endless swarms just take so many hits and my eyes start to go bleary because of all the motion.

Neat game, just not as well-functioning as sentry knight games tend to be. I still thought it looked cool and was well laid out. I just wished I hadn't played and gotten a literal headache from the motion...

Tyler responds:

yeah thats fair- thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna take this genre out for another spin eventually and do it better. learned a lot from releasing this one.