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Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

amazing game.

the control is fluid, very challenging but fair and possible to complete without grinding.

the only thing is lower the star requirements for the bosses, because you have to nearly 100% the game in order to even finish the game, let alone unlock everything.

so fucking hard

Tyler responds:

>Is bad at the game
>gives it a low score

Git good scrub

Excellent work!
Just 1 question, where are the birds?
From Zebraa

Tyler responds:

Look on the map ;)

Look, I can give this game that it has some real cool design. Definitely someone has taken a page from design of Doom, since it has orthogonal unit differentiation (layman terms: each enemy is actually behaving different from each other, instead of just dealing more damage or taking more hits). However, I'd say game is still slightly flawed and could use improvement in some areas.

First of all, game is too chaotic. Game area is tiny, monsters and bullets are huge, and there's so much shit happening at all times! Like, my first introduction to the exploding demon bat enemy was when something I didn't even notice exploded into my face, and I thought what the hell was happening.
For the record, that is not a good thing.

Second, the game isn't superbly thought out in the way it presents its design to the player. Game is clearly inspired by bullet hell games, but hitboxes of bullets, explosions, and enemies are extremely vague and unclear - the only way to figure them out is by trial and error, which is hard due to chaos onscreen. Worst of all, your character moves extremely slow, and there are pond areas which make you even slower, which requires you to plan your every move carefully in advance - which is just not freaking possible considering that enemies can spawn literally EVERYWHERE on the screen, and half of enemies do a special attack on their death, so killing enemies isn't even always advantageous - and with clunky aiming and chaos onscreen it's almost impossible to aim your shots precisely to decide when you want to kill enemies.

Why did I encounter those? Because I freaking refuse to upgrade my HP - more on that later. In fact, upgrade system is one of the pointless, stupid ones where it's impossible to pick your way to play, instead you're expected just to buy whatever you have money for instead of deliberately picking certain upgrades geared for a certain strategy.

For example, in games like this I prefer to be extremely fragile, but fast, small and deal a lot of damage - and this is ALMOST possible! If you could upgrade your speed, and firing speed - since you already can upgrade your hitbox and damage - but again, upgrade system is geared towards you upgrading everything at the same speed, since upgrade price rises exorbitantly with each one.

Why is that a problem? Right now, there is only one way to play this game - the way developers intended. Have a lots of HP, tank a lot of hits, use spells a lot. And that's okay, that's decent. But the game could be truly good, or even great, if each player could pick what playstyle they want - for example, someone could be this slow tank with lots of HP that regenerates quickly and uses spells - but another might want to use only their gun, and be extremely fast and small knight with a huge hitbox.

That's what separates good from the great - when you look at every Deus Ex, Doom, System Shock, Starcraft, Street Fighter player - you will find that these games DON'T have a single optimal strategy, that each player prefers to deal with stuff in different ways. And that, to me, is what signifies a great game (or at least, game with a great gameplay).

Tyler responds:

I never played Doom but thanks for the review. Will keep it in mind for my next action game. Always working to improve.

Sentry Knight Conquest is a masterpiece. After the two sentry knight games, it feels like an amazing feeling to be able to move and make a bullet hell of my own. However, there are some issues in the game and a bit of features that would have made it better. Now most of these issues have been already said but I would like to clarify a bit more.

The damage was a bit off. You never had that real sheer joy of finally one-hit killing that fucking shotgun goblin until you get ALL the upgrades. You only can one-hit kill a bat and a small slime, but of course, you could one-hit the little slime dudes in Square 1. I noticed there was a REALLY small extra amount of damage in every upgrade you buy but you never really get that extra OOMF until you max-out the damage. But hey, at least you get a cooler gun every time you upgrade.

Let's just say, the Fireball was overkill, the Ice Spikes was useful, but Plague Nova was a big let-down in short of a spell unlocked at LEVEL 3. The first time I tried Plague Nova was in the Grass Sanctuary level, and I thought it was really badass with all the purple smoke and the boom sound effect, but it was actually a horrible joke. I could barely hit enemies with it, and even if I cast it diagonally, it still casts the same angle. If you cast it while near a wall (just like I did at the Slime Queen level) it will hit nothing but the wall. Nothing else. Even if you cast it in the middle of a crowd, you still need to hope to hit at least something short of a wall. And if you do, you feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Please change it with something a bit more useful.

A full-screen mode. Listen, my monitor is a bit small, and the health bar will at times, get in the way. I can't tell you how many times I died from a simple bat because I can't see shit. Please add a full-screen, it'll be really awesome.

Could it tell you how much damage you do when shooting an enemy, and add a critical hit feature to it. If it gets annoying, it could be toggled off at the settings. That way, we'll keep track on how much damage we're doing to an enemy and what to improve.

Take off the Steam Greenlight support ads, because I already one of the many supporters of the Steam Greenlight of Sentry Knight Tactics. I'm super hyped to play it but it gets pretty annoying at times.

Other than that, the game is AWESOME, and an excellent spin-off to our old bullet hell games (besides Bullet Heaven and Undertale), I'm super excited to play your new game :)
Keep it up buddy, and keep on posting game-making tips. You are inspiring people.

9.5 flying rainbow narwhals riding on kawaii potatos wearing rollerskates on Wonderland alongside a unicorn out of 10.

Tyler responds:

Thanks for the review! Taking everyone's feedback into consideration for the next web game; this helps