Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

I really wish I had a mouse to play this. It would probably be a lot better of an experience for me. I like the game. It's fun. The first level is kinda difficult for the first level but, then again I'm not using a mouse. Great game! Also, it is difficult to run and shoot, nearly impossible for me.

Pretty dang fun. Wish the spells weren't in such an awkward space, it's hard to move around and cast a spell at once, but hey, maybe that's just me being used to using a controller. Otherwise, great job!

Looks like a fun game just a shame that i cant get past the first autosave
the thing loads for an eternity :P

botched movment

disappointing but gameplay is good

Really fun and addicting but it would be fun ro see some more stuff in it like items or something :)

Tyler responds:

After I finish Sentry Knight Tactics im gonna revisit this genre! Its gonna be the same gameplay, but with items and SO MANY GUNS. I can't wait to start making it actually.

Anyway, glad you liked this!