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Reviews for "30 Second Clicker"

This game is very simple and straight to the point. Its quite the fun distraction. Not a bad game at all.

Love this one dude.

If you click on retry and then you click the "+1-Button", the background shows a "-1" (?) That's the only Bug you should fix.

Nice game!

applessmillion responds:


It's good visually and gameplay wise, but the sound is a bit irritating.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the feedback, will add mute button!
Edit: Just added a mute button (right bottom corner)

The graphics are actually very nice. It defiantly had some work put into it. It is very simple and can be competitive with the leader board or whatever it's called. The one problem I have with it is that the reaction time with the button is off. What I mean is that I clicked the button several times while it was in one spot, but it only counted it as one. I'm sorry if that is just my computer, but if not, you might want to fix that.

applessmillion responds:

Will try to reproduce, haven't had any errors like that before, but who knows :P