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Reviews for "Desolation: The Beginning"

It's good but more darkness and fear inspiring elements would be better. Less scavenging more story, or at least more story, provided by in-game notes, books etcetera. Nice to see unrealistic orb collection removed. I hope that book is full of creepy terrifying revelations. A simple small red direction arrow instead of a huge red rectangle would be more tasteful. I don't need a sock in the eye as a direction indicator. The map was probably unnecessary for most. Sound effects would be nice, someday. Music changes for different areas, especially scary areas, would be appreciated.

SD.. bro.... I'm with 13moths on this one.

Can you explain Why you don't add meaningful story? and please elucidate on the different way the code numbers on the last box can be understood? ;)

selfdefiant responds:

I made a video explaining the puzzle and solution, check my Youtube channel. :)

Another good one! The music is awesome and I love the rooms ^_^

Also, lol at area P----Slender?

wow awesome game did you go to this place to get the pictures:P

First of all i would like to say that for one people try to read way to much into these games. SG in not a novelist and makes fun escape/hidden object games. i enjoy them they are free and i love old buildings. scary is relative as what scares some dont scare others. i dont do them for the scare factor if i wanted a a major scare a escape game wouldnt be where i look. second, i also dont look to escape games for musical content dont like it turn it off. and play your music duh. third. i dont need a big story line to relax and play one of SD's escape games. if you dont like them why are you even here.my two cents. 5 stars just cause i can.

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you!