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Reviews for "Desolation: The Beginning"

Simple but enjoyable, like most of your games.
I did run into one pretty irritating issue: (Spoiler) Once I got the binoculars, I saw a code on the vent that went 5247136. However, when I put that code into the safe I got nothing. I finally went to look at a walkthrough and, though the code was written the same, the safe was solved by clicking 5263174. Unless there was an incredibly subtle clue telling players to switch a few numbers around that I missed, I'm pretty sure that's an error. Also, man was that coat hanger hard to find! I feel like I waved my cursor over the sink a dozen times before I got it.
The only criticism I have for the game itself is that a lot of the clues were your usual choices: find colored keys, find colored jewels, get some last item so that you can leave. Nothing that really sets this game apart from the rest. Considering that you are apparently building this one up to be part of a larger story involving a father's legacy to the protagonist, it would be great to see you shake up your usual formula a little to provide clues that fill in some of that unstated part of the story.
I feel like this review is coming out more negative than I intended... I do respect your photography work, it's always one of the best features of your games that very few other creators do well, if at all. And as I said before, your games are very charming and entertaining. I hope to see you grow as an artist and game creator. Thank you for reading.

selfdefiant responds:

Don't feel bad, the code can be interpreted 2 ways. You are supposed to press the buttons in the order of which they are written. Not the way you were thinking.

It is a good game as usual, but I'm still missing some kind of deeper story that would connect the individual chapters together. Background of the protagonist, his motivation, stuff like that. You hint something in the description, but nothing from that really shows in the game.
The music is fine (could be longer so it doesn't repeat as often though), puzzles are interesting - not too easy, not too hard.
It just might be good idea to update the clothes hanger a bit, because both its in-game model and its icon in inventory are quite hard to see. Then, it would be really helpful if the map showed not just the rooms, but locked doors and their colours as well, so we can locate them more easily after finding a new key.

I've also encountered a bug which made me start the game over - if you don't get the jewel in the toilet room ("A") during your first visit, you have to restart the game, because trying to enter the room for the second time sends you to the Dues Ox screen ("C") instead.

And I think by now you must have already taken a photo of every deserted building in the country. :)

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks!! The game has been updated. :)