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Reviews for "Desolation: The Beginning"

A fairly good game that is visually up to the usual standard, but its ruined by a couple of things.

A lot of times in a lot of your games, the clues dont always add up. using the flashlight to find one of the jewels for instance... there is no clue for that. its just blind luck.

Perhaps worse, and this really annoys me, is when you mix up the number clue at the end. Thats just stupid. if you give someone a string of numbers to open an essential part of the quest items, but the actual code is in a different sequence without supplying a clue that its changed, then its a pointless part of the game and effectively broken. No-one will solve that without looking at the walkthrough, and thats reflecting on your games negatively.

Apart from those game breaking things, every game you make is interesting and visually excellent, but you really need to work on those quests and clues pointing the player in the right direction. Some parts of this game make it impossible without the walkthrough, and thats not what I expect from any game

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! If you don't understand a clue, it doesn't mean I messed it up. It means that you are not reading it correctly or the way I am. I have pointed out before that the number clue can be read 2 ways, you are obviously reading it the wrong way. The same thing happened in Abandoned in China. You say this like it happens all the time? It isn't me messing it up.
If you have a flashlight, that means that something is hidden in the dark, what other clue should I leave? If I added some text stating something might be hidden here in the dark, it would be too easy.

nice bgm

It's good but more darkness and fear inspiring elements would be better. Less scavenging more story, or at least more story, provided by in-game notes, books etcetera. Nice to see unrealistic orb collection removed. I hope that book is full of creepy terrifying revelations. A simple small red direction arrow instead of a huge red rectangle would be more tasteful. I don't need a sock in the eye as a direction indicator. The map was probably unnecessary for most. Sound effects would be nice, someday. Music changes for different areas, especially scary areas, would be appreciated.

Hammer is virtually impossible to find without a walkthrough. Map path is wrong between K and O rooms.

This is very much like the show Supernatural