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Reviews for "Desolation: The Beginning"

Tiresome. Music got muted almost immediately - maybe time for some different music (game feels really empty without any BGM). Didn't feel like any new ground was broken with this game - what little story there is feels awfully contrived - maybe spend some time actually developing the story??

For example, start with "Your father recently passed away. Today you meet the executor of his will." So you leave your house (I'm sure you've got a picture of a nice house stashed somewhere) by clicking on your car with your keys. At Bill's office, you can click on the building to find "Bill's Office is in here. He was your father's solicitor and trusted friend for many years". Click on door to enter building and go straight to Bill's office. In Bill's office he hold out an envelope to you, saying "Other than inheriting your father's estate, he also wanted you to have this". Inside the envelope is a list of addresses, the first of which is the Adandoned Asylum in Humphrey, New York, with the words "Magic Book" written next to it... obviously your next destination is the Abandoned Asylum!

Clue for Bill Johnson is lame: should have been graffiti carved with purpose on the toilet wall rather than written on a piece of special non-rot paper. And the mysterious dude is a bit stupid - how long has he been waiting there? What's wrong with a box that requires you insert the gems... you could even have for the description: "A gem activated box! Your father use to talk about these - you always thought he was making them up!"

One other thing: ANYONE could have wandered past an solved these. There really needs to be a diffraction grating or something gifted from this father figure that lets you see the clues... or at least makes them glint slightly so you know which ah, a clue... (this means you can hide the clues in plain site: like the building can have a proper name, but only certain letters glow!!; or all the graves can be numbered, but only two glow!!)

With a bit more thought and better writing, this COULD be a fantastic series. As it is, it is just another excuse for ANOTHER "puzzle" game.

Quick walk-through:
D: vines: silver key
C: hint = deus ox
F: map
P: matches
E: candle: blue key
B: crowbar
H: stuck door: green key
J: shovel
K: coathanger
N: hint = 247 285
M: number box: gold key
A: toilet: red gem; hint = Bill Johnson
O: Bill Johnson: purple key
R: hammer (on floor near door); hint (glass above door) = ┘┌└ ┐ └ ┐┘┌
Q: word box: binoculars
S: flashlight
N: star gravestone: purple gem
L: triangle box: green gem
M: darkness: blue gem
D: distance: hint=5247136
I: green squares box: press the green squares in the correct order (the hint gives you number of the green square = the first square is "5", the second square is "2", the third square is "4", the fourth square is "7", the fifth square is "1", the sixth square is "3", and the seventh square is "6" = so you press the fifth, then second, then sixth, then third, then fifth, then seventh, then fourth square to open the box!!)

selfdefiant responds:

The story could have been longer but I didn't want to go into great detail. The last time I did, things got out of hand. Strange, I know. Besides, sometimes it's better to have a general idea and let your own mind make things up as you go. :)

Another good one! The music is awesome and I love the rooms ^_^

Also, lol at area P----Slender?

this was interesting..also whats the music? the beginning just sounds amazing

Darksteel, you are an idiot. However I don't need to point that out, it's apparent. Selfdefiant has been making awesome games for years and you have nothing. This game is the best and all of the rest are too!

This is clickbait designed to attract people to the creators website for the walkthrough by including near impossible to find items.

Now that why I've given this 0 stars is clear let me summarize why else this game is bad.

The stock pictures used for everything, it's as if the first 20 images that showed up in an image search for the words "Creepy Asylum" were hurriedly stuck together. As well as the music, jeez it was grating.

The "Puzzles" included are not puzzles at all; memorizing numbers and patterns is not challenging, and what other stuff there is is either so goddamn BASIC or IMPOSSIBLY hidden that it was just boring to play.

"Bill Johnson" means nothing when the graves are not marked.

The coathanger. Just that. No more input needed.

"I want gems" is an impossibly stupid premise.

Also, in the review below me you responded with "Check my youtube channel :)" That is the stupidest response I've ever seen.

Blam this shit to hell.

selfdefiant responds:

lMAO!!!! Tell me where is the button to BLAM your comment?? Oh wait I found it!!! So long! [Flushes toilet]