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Reviews for "Desolation: The Beginning"

I think I've found Slenderman..

[Go to location P on the map and look closely towards the end of the hall.]

The major problem is that there are too many items that don't change the mouse cursor. You have to click around at random to see what will respond.

I can't get out of the first part.

wow awesome game did you go to this place to get the pictures:P

Good escape puzzle. But!
1. Too low quality of music for one all-game track in 2015.
2. Careless graphics in some places (ground after digging).
3. I still don’t understand how (*SPOILER*) 247285 and 5247136 gave 5263174. Why 5-2-1 are considered from left, but 4-7-3-6 (6-3-7-4) considered from right? This is the only reason why I wrote a review.