Reviews for "LttP: Dark World Remix"

This is great!

Oh man, this brings back memories... Very nostalgic. I was really young when I played that game, but damn did I love it. You did a great job on this. It's an incredible remix that doesn't ruin the brilliance of the original. Keep up the great work. If I had FL Studio, I'd remix this song too. By tyhe way, did you use Fl Studio or something else?

Jester667 responds:

I indeed used FL Studio. Quality program--and free!

Well, thanks for the review!

"woa holy shit!"

you did such a great job on this why would these downvoting bitches just downvote this? it's a 4.00 now cause of me ^_^. only thing you need to fix up the loops it doesn't really begin to stay in place after a while. please review my music i am sure your going to love it! peace out and keep up the good work!

Jester667 responds:

Whoa, shit! It IS a 4! Thanks for the five and the review!


Cool take on it, nice use of instruments. It loops pretty well too.

Jester667 responds:

Sweet. Thanks.

I don't think my songs loop too well, to be honest...