Reviews for "LttP: Dark World Remix"


awsome job on the music and everything, but it went a tad bit overboard, other then that it was great


Muy bien senor. Tu musica es algo de el mas mejor de todo el mundo. Especialmente porque me gusta la leyenda de Zelda.Buen trabajo.

Jester667 responds:

Gracias, senor.

I love it!

It almost sounds like music you'd put on your way to the final boss or going back to the dark world a second time. I LOVE THIS!!! It loops extremely well too! Keep at it!

By the way, could I request a remix? Could you do any songs from Skies of Arcadia or Golden Sun series? There just needs to be more of those out there and you do a fantastic job with game remixes. =D

Jester667 responds:

Thank you very much for your review.

And Skies of Arcadia and Golden Sun...both good games. No reason why I shouldn't do a remix or two from them.

It's Link, in SPACE!

Sounds like a Zelda game set in space. They should make that. Be awesome. And use your mix. Your mix is OUTSTANDING! Really, well done. *cheers*

Jester667 responds:

*bows* I humbly thank your kind words.


Well, I'm not exactly into the style, however I thought you did an amazing job with it, and clearly it is a great song :). Keep up the good work.