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Reviews for "Dragon Apocalypse"

Holly Sh*t

I could never make something like that, even if... Well NEVER
Great Job
I hope you'll keep making art like that :D


This picture is freaking awesome! The lighting and shading is perfect, and I just love this picture generally. It has dragons, it has chaos, it has burning buildings, a city in ruins...glad I'm not there as well. :P

*sniffs the air*

Yep, someone pushed the button on them before we got a chance to look at them.

Very good picture. The main reason they're so evil is because we attack them first... shitty government. And because of that I now have Radiation Poisoning?

But still, good artwork. God that must've taken MUCH longer than 40 hours.


I saw few excellent dragons you've drawn. I just love the colors, awesome!

i love the colours. this look gorgeous!