Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

That was awesome. I love this series. Also, fuck you for that bit near the end hahaha

puzzles were within reasonable limits, things wernt overly complicated or impossible to the point where i needed a guide. It had the PERFECT amount of challenge.

however i am taking off one star because no where did it say that on the dominoes puzzle that you needed to pair the same numbers together for it to work, dominoes is played where you try to make multiples of 5 such as 5 10 15 ect which is how a normal person would have tryed to solve that puzzle... so I did require outside information on that which was not in the game.

my only advice to make the game better, or to make it a 5 star game in my book is to add a note some where that says to solve the domino puzzle, you must make pairs. You did a great job of explaining the goal of other puzzles, but surprisingly not the dominoes one.


Trebble clef spaces in order bottom to top: F A C E
Trebble clef lines in order Bottom to top: E G B D F
(its probably best to google trebble clef notes for this one to give you an image)

there is no paper telling you the rules to this one so...
pair numbers with the numbers of the next domino, and have a 6 on the space where it says 6. for example make sure that 2 is touching 2 on another domino, 5 is touching 5 ect.

look for the paper that tells you the rules.
tackle it like a Sudoku puzzle, START WITH WHAT YOU KNOW if there is already 3 flys on a space that you KNOW 100% go there, then 3 worms MUST fill in the rest of that line. If there is 2 flys in a row, then you know a worm must go on both sides to prevent 3 flys in a row.

i hope everyone found this review helpful!

Great visuals, interesting topic, a tad confusing at first so that's why this vote isn't higher, but definitely a point and click I would recommend for someone looking for something really unique.

I like these games, but the narrative is really confusing and a lot of the puzzles are illogical. I worked out that Harvey seems to be a pigeon. I just wonder if we are ever going to get to a point to these games or if they are just some drug induced thing than no-one will ever understand,

I think its pretty well made and cool but still I cant get out of the box